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Next week we will have the Working Beauty cast on Pat Potter’s Talkshow! They will answer questions and shed some light on Working Beauty…


Journalist Profile: Pat Potter has always wanted to be in the media. Her biggest idols are Ellen DeGeneres (minus the heart), Joan Rivers (minus the face) and Oprah (minus the yo-yo effect). Her big break was her unrivalled news coverage of a university mass-murder incident (which inspired 3 comic books called “The Lense”). Her hobbies include cupcakes (eating mainly), pottery and shooting.

Pat Potter is an investigative, sensationalist b*…ehm… journalist that will really get the information out of our stars! We can’t wait! Can you??

  • Barbevil

    Welcome to the team, Pat. Shooting experts are always needed. Expert cupcake eaters, too.

    • Working Beauty

      Yes, isn’t she just the Sarah Palin of journalism?

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