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T-shirt– Prizes are in Australian Dollars, if you don’t find your desired design/color use the “Create” button to create your own custom made shirt (and/or choose other t-shirt options and merchandise) or send me a mail!
– The t-shirts are created “on demand”, so please do send me pictures and let me know if they are what you expected!
– Options for women and men available, toddler-wear or other upon request

 THE FIRST SEASON BOOK (Limited Availability)

78 pages full of comic strips, cocktails, red mondays, truth friday, just everything!
– never before seen specials
– artist drafts (including the first Working Beauty draft ever)
– uncensored material never seen on the net!

Order requests to aldona@workingbeauty.com

Book price: 39.90 AUD
Shipping & Handling:  14,00 AUD (Worldwide)
Invoices will be sent through Paypal. Money transfer possible




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