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  • Andre

    The shitting butterfly effect or what?

    • Working Beauty

      I think the original quote was saying something about “a flap of the wings of a butterfly”… Almost poetic and romantic. Clearly Working Beauty knows nothing about romanticizing this sort of thing,,, so shitting it is!

  • Barbara

    Thank you for pointing out that no humans got hurt in the fictional crash of the buildings. Now, on behalf of the Stupid Squirrrels and Shitting Birds Union, I hope you can also confirm that no animal got maltreated in the making of this comic strip?

    Incidentally, what is this thing on top of the crashing building which looks like half a fish? Is/was the building a sushi company headquarter?

    • Working Beauty

      Disclaimer: No Squirrels were hurt during shooting of this strip (it was only slightly blinded by the ring and has now a slight trauma considering weddings, but we have offered free therapy and horse coaching with Öskusky), the shitting bird… well it was only startled for a very brief moment, and we would like to officially state that the fact it flew into an aircraft engine 6 minutes later had NOTHING to do with the comic strip! Our lawyers are ruling out any liability from our side. However we agreed to support the bird’s family and provide birdseed for the rest of their life!

    • Working Beauty

      It is indeed a Sushi sculpture, as this was the Team Dinner Sushi Tower Restaurant. Please see Strip18: Team Dinner

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