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The Truth about Friday

February 17th, 2012

Claire claims:

“Friday is a time of reflection of what has been achieved throughout the week!

I had a manicure and pedicure on Monday, observed a pilates class on Tuesday at the gym, ate 3 hamburgers in the canteen without getting sick on Wednesday (I am working towards four, but it’s a long term project), watched Burlesque on DVD with Sarah on Thursday (don’t even ask) and now it’s already Friday! Time flies!

If I wouldn’t be in the office during the day to relax, my life would be so stressful!!”

  • Niggy Pop

    Yoga might help Claire to get more ‘balanced’_-)

    • Working Beauty

      Ooooh yes, that gives me a nice idea… maybe we should do some special yoga strips :-))!!!

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