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The Truth about Showgirls

April 26th, 2013

Claire says:

“Oh maybe someone already told you, but I used to be a Showgirl once! Not in like a parody or anything, in real comic-life! Oh how I liked to twirl my nipples in that little theatre and wear those feathery costumes! Ah, those were the days… now I have to wear a suit everyday and sit at a desk…

That’s also how I met Sarah actually, it was still as a Showgirl! So maybe if there’s ever a Prequel to Working Beauty it will all be revealed! … and also how that skank Vivienne Knocks eclipsed my spotlight with her huge a… bottoms!

I hope I never see HER again!”

  • jeremiah


    • Working Beauty

      Yes, but of course. Who else could be a showgirl? DUH ;-)))

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