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Time Difference Red Monday

February 18th, 2013

Red goes:

“And when I thought it couldn’t get worse, I found out that Mondays start even earlier than most of the rest of the world here in Australia! …

Well, good news is they end earlier… but it still makes for 24 hours of agony!

Oh I wished I was a koala and slept 18 hours a day!”

  • Barbevil

    Me too, Sarah! Or even better, I wish I was some hibernating animal, like a grizzly bear. Now that spring is approaching over here, I´d wake up after three months of nice sleep and get me a really really strong coffee…

    • Working Beauty

      Yes, what a lovely idea Barbevil… Just curious if the horrors that are Mondays would not accumulate over that three month period and slap you in the face once you wake up… There’s no coffee strong enough to deal with that :-)

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