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Strip 3.7: Flushing Out

December 2nd, 2012


  • Barbevil

    Okay, I have a conspiracy theory: The thingies on the ropes hanging from the ceiling are actually listening devices planted by the company. They can´t be needed for flushing, can they? Because the water tanks are right *behind* the loos, not *above* them (only those old-fashioned toilets with a water tank high above actually have that kind of rope device for flushing). Explains why the guys got there so quick!

    Plus: I think the caretaker/plumber is in fact the Scottish guy who works at the school in The Simpsons. He probably is the only one who doesn´t have to worry about losing his job.

    • Working Beauty

      Oh you’re spot on! That’s exactly what those hanging thingies from the ropes are… not just my artistic mistake (that I only noticed after the episode was drawn)… yes, it’s totally cameras and listening devices… Oooh I realize, I made another mistake, you only said “listening device”. Hmmm, cameras in the loo… I see lawsuits coming…

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