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Red Utopic Monday

January 21st, 2013

Red ponders:

“Oh how I hate the fact that it’s Monday again!?

And I was thinking, what if I got really really rich. You know, like finding a diamond pooping cat, a precious gas farting shammoth or something like that… then I would not care about Mondays at all, in fact, every Monday would just be another Sunday… EVERY day would be Sunday…

Yes! That would be … hmmm… quite boring and empty!

Oh you horrid Monday, you complete me!”

  • Barbevil

    There is a wonderful soundtrack to this, which might be Red´s theme song for the Monday strips; unfortunately it is in German: Hildegard Knef´s song “Ich möchte am Montag mal Sonntag haben” (I´d love to have a Sunday on a Monday), where she dreams of renting the whole Mediterranean for the summer among other things. Hmmm… Red, keep working with the shammoth gas, it sounds really promising (pun intended).

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