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Red Ratty Monday

December 10th, 2012

Red’s furious:

“Well, I put all that work in creating a fake company… And it already goes bankrupt. Vegan Jurassic Foods for prehistoric animals… turns out there are no prehistoric animals around anymore… Except for Molly, and that plan didn’t work out either…

Rats, innit!?”

  • Barbevil

    That´s a bummer, eh, Red? I´m really sorry it didn´t work out because it WAS a very original idea. But don´t worry. Look at what genetic engineering can do (I mean, look at Molly!), then it stands to reason that any day now we´ll see dinosaurs come to life again, just like in “Jurassic Park”. That´ll be your finest hour when you manage to turn all those T-Rexes into vegans who eat nothing but tofu sticks!

    • Working Beauty

      Yes, thank you Barbevil…actually if Working Beauty goes down the drain, we are prepared to start selling tofu….

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