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Red Packing Monday

January 28th, 2013

From: sarah.red.vigynski@homeoffice.com
To: support@crashair.com

Subject: Re: Re: Luggage Allowance

Dear Crashair

Thank you for your response, however I do not understand why my request was not solved!

I do not think it is necessary to call me “someone who needs to rethink her packing” or that comments like “you will realize that your wardrobe needs are not as extensive once you arrive” are helpful!

And referring to your response “we are very sorry that you hate packing almost more than monday, however we do not provide packing service support for any of our clients”… well, first of all, I think there’s a business opportunity for you, and NO, I do not believe you are sorry at all!

Becuase all I wanted is a special upgrade of my luggage allowance but apparently “5 suitcases of 30kg each is not luggage but a household”, and your answer “our allowances are the same for all passengers, and we are unimpressed by the fact that you are travelling with the savior of the universe” is downright impertinent! Frankly I do not care that “Our planes are build in a way that doesn’t allow such extensive weight additions” and that “otherwise they might have serious problems getting in the air”.

Now here’s MY solution: Build bigger planes then!

Thank you and have a nice day

PS: Oh and “leaving shoes behind” is NOT “a first step of the healing process!” it’s just CRUEL”

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