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Red Monday of the Sea

May 20th, 2013

Red ponders:

“Sometimes when you see those boats or ships, they do have some funny names. Like ‘Princess of the Sea’, ‘The Golden Seahorse’ or something…

I wonder if anyone ever named their boat after Monday. Like ‘The unbearable Monday’ or ‘Monday of Terror’… Hmmm,…. I am sure you’re all going to google that one now.

Oh well, what else do you want to do, it’s a MONDAY!”



  • Barbevil

    Dear Red, did you know it´s a PUBLIC HOLIDAY here this Monday? Har har… So this week doesn´t have a Monday, unless you declare Tuesday the new Monday! Nooooo, I´m not being wicked. Just off to dinner now… but if it´s any consolation to you, it´s cold and raining and my heating´s gone and won´t be fixed till tomorrow at the earliest, because of the holiday. Which proves that Monday is a bad bad day even when you don´t have to work. That´s just cosmology or whatever.

    • Working Beauty

      That’s just Vigynski’s law isn’t it?! I hope you can get your heating fixed… but wait a minute, why do you need heating in MAY?!

  • Barbevil

    Because it´s everso everso everso cold here!!!! (Imagine that sung in Björk´s voice.) But thanks, I had that lush plumber come and press the right button, so it´s all nicely heated up again…

    • Working Beauty

      Yes, well I heard. Winter seems to be really tough this year… but then I’m very glad to hear that the plumber got it all fixed for ya… :-) was he as good-looking as we all now imagine him to be?

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