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Red Monday Shock

March 11th, 2013

Red says:

“We’re all a bit in shock because of the showdown yesterday!

Adding to that, Claire is out of her mind because she’s ran out of cigarettes. Isobel is in tears because now that she finally had the courage to come out to her mom, she lost her to prison. According to the radio-news, Betty has been taken into custody once she got to shore and will be put on trial. The media are being very harsh towards our company… well my previous company… and I doubt they’ll ever want me back after what I did to them! As the media keeps referring to our stint in Sydney as a ‘terrorist monster attack with no consideration for safety’ (of who? Molly?) and the ceo murder case as ‘a further sign for moral degradation’ (obviously nobody mentions our heroic intervention here either). Oh and Solrun had a bit of a nervous breakdown and keeps stammering something about a ‘near-death’ experience…

And then… I think we’re really lost with our ship! I have NO CLUE where we are!

All in all, I have to say, it’s pretty positive for a Monday!”

  • Nicky Rock, R&B Bassist

    courtney love always points out: “me i’m fine as long as i have “money, coffee and fags & a cute guy in reach”

    • Working Beauty

      Now that would certainly be something that Claire very much agrees with :-))) Although we want to add she’s smoking ONLY non-carcinogenic cartoon-cigarettes!

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