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What other kinds of movie-parodies would YOU like to see??

  • Barbevil

    Have you considered sending this to Apple? It would make a great commercial: Got no brains? Go get an i-phone… hmmm, now that I´m saying it, it doesn´t sound as good for a commercial as I thought. Dunno why. As for movie parodies, and since you asked, Sarah would kinda fit well into Devil Wears Prada, wouldn´t she?

    • Working Beauty

      Uuuh, yes… I love the idea (for the parody, not for the ad… although I do think the iPods are a bit of a brain-replacement-surgery type of thing, but that’s just me). The Devil Wears Prada, didn’t even cross my mind, but it is quite a good one to make a parody of! I did a couple though and “Gigantic” (Titanic) and “Lord of the Rings” are coming up. This week it will be all about “Planet of the Apes”…

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