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Black Monday

April 1st, 2013

The Molly Trilogy ends and with this…






no no, just kidding… April’s Fool… it’s NOT!


So while our heroines go to their respective rehab centers, we will continue to provide you with insights and specials including:

WORKING BEAUTY does “Wizard Of Oz”
THE NIGHT WITH PAT POTTER (the Working Beauties at the talk show)
A psychologically deep insight into the mind of RED
WORKING BEAUTY does “Planet of the Apes”
A lot of SHOPPING specials …
Behind the Scenes of the SEASON 4 GLAMOUR PHOTOSHOOT

…and many more!!


 What are YOU looking forward to the most?! Let me know!

  • Marjoleine

    more T-shirts!

    • Working Beauty

      Hey Marjoleine! Of course! AND what a coincidence, I just uploaded 4 new (limited time only) designs to honour the Queens Abdication in the Netherlands! Inspired by her glamour and decision, and the colours of the country (sort of)… But do let me know if there are any t-shirts in particular you would like to see to come out of Working Beauty :-)

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