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This was a deleted full episode from the 2nd Season right before the Board-Room Meeting where the whole team goes shopping. I was planning to include it later in the Second Season Book, but as life goes a different direction than my projects, the book is not anywhere in sight… so… here it is, for you all!

  • Barbevil

    So Isobel, here´s the next part of your makeover: Get a rifle matching the dress (shouldn´t be too hard to find) and just shoot Red and Claire. That means Pratt, too, for walking into your cabin. Spare Hank, he´s punished enough as it is and then you´ll need someone to tell the tale, it´s the best best way to getting promoted to a position where you needn´t find out what the company does but get to actually determine what they do.

    Before you open fire, explain to them why you do it, so they´ll learn something from the experience.

    How does that sound? And afterwards you can go for a nice vegan ice-cream.

    Perhaps it´s just as well this scene was deleted…

    • Working Beauty

      Hmmm…. it seems like you are a bit angry Barbevil. I would suspect that’s because you have a cosmetophobia yourself (the fear of make-overs!?). Please seek out your next beautician and don’t shoot anyone! PEACE! :-)

  • Barbevil

    Oops. I must have forgotten I´m a non-violent kind of person for a moment. Okay, deep breath… I LOVE makeovers… I LOVE! LOVE!!! makeovers…. You know, I actually watched the makeover scene in “St Trinian´s” (if you haven´t seen that film, do it, and that goes for everyone happening to be reading this) and I am a lot more at peace with makeovers now. I already own two lipsticks. (Honeybee and Chocolate.) I think I should buy some more to enhance World Peace.

    • Working Beauty

      St. Trinian’s the original or the remake with Rupert Everett? (the original was black-and-white and I’ve never seen that one… I only saw the remake)… anyway… two lipsticks?… wow… Red would ask “two? and how many zeros behind that?”

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