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  • Barbevil

    Karl, you rock! Lookin´ gorgeous in lavender! Isobel, take note: I am still waiting to see you as a drag king! Get a haircut and put on a tuxedo! Leave the glamour dress to Red and the slut outfit to Claire (no offence meant, Claire, stop hitting me over the head with that whisky bottle…)

    • Working Beauty

      ha ha… yes, Claire and her slut outfit… But didn’t you think that Isobel was a bit of a drag king in the Titanic parody? just curious… and don’t worry nobody will EVER hit you over the head with a bottle… just stay away from dark alleys in the middle of the night, alright?

  • Barbevil

    Oh yes, I do remember Isobel´s drag king outfit in the Titanic parody – she should really stick to that, she´s gorgeous. As for the dark alleys… gulp… I´ll bring some sheep to hide between… or better yet… what´s Molly doing these days? She happy in the wilderness, or may maybe she´d like to come back to those dark streets now and again?

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