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Christmas Special: Please Help!

December 25th, 2011

All I want for Christmas is your engagement! At Working Beauty we want to donate 5x 100 CHF (Swiss francs) to charitable organizations in the name of our main Working Beauty cast, Sarah, Claire, Isobel, Pratt and Hank. However we want you to help us picking the organizations.

Please send a note to aldona@workingbeauty.com or leave a comment with the name, website and money transfer details of the charitable organization/foundation you would want Working Beauty to donate money for. Also specify from which character you would like the money to be donated.

Only serious organizations/foundations will be taken into consideration and Working Beauty will pick 5 organizations and post them on this website at the beginning of 2012.

  • Bren

    Ronald McDonald Houses that assist families with children being hospitalized for serious & often life-threatening diseases such as leukemia.

    My husband & I were interim managers for a month at the one in Chicago (a couple of decades ago) while they were replacing their manager.

    The houses provide free rooms and the use of kitchens & living areas so the families who often have to travel far to see their children can instead stay nearby in one of the houses and see them daily or even overnight easily to offer support and the love they need!


    • Working Beauty

      Great suggestion! Thanks for this!

  • http://BearDrummer.WordPress.Com BearDrummer (Tony)

    On the street donations – Things like Hamburgers for the homeless – where all the money goes directly to the end result, instead of 3/4 or more of it getting spent on the structure of the charitable organization.

  • Working Beauty

    In the meantime the following donations have been made:

    100 CHF (approx 110 USD) to Ronald McDonald House in Switzerland
    100 CHF to the homeless organisation in my home town (Freiwillige Fürsorge Ennetbaden)
    100 CHF to WWF for saving our climate
    100 CHF to the ASRA Foundation to support children in New Dehli, India
    100 CHF to Amnesty International Switzerland

    Thanks for helping me with my selection and of course we all see different causes/organisations as worthy of our support. In the end it doesn’t matter who we support, but that we DO IT!

    I wish you all a great start into 2012

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