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The Truth about Shopping

May 2nd, 2014


Claire says:

“Shopping is the new religion of the first world!

If you think I am talking rubbish then think about shopping as a transaction in fear and guilt. We are being guilt-tripped into buying stuff by preachers actors in advertisements who tell us what we need, that the economic future depends on us and that we are nothing without some products.

Then despite our own fear and insecurity about our own personal financial future and its possible death demise, we overcome our angst and spend money on a fleeting moment of feeling good about ourselves… into the global bank of the vatican rich and wealthy…

And now while I go pray at the Coke-Fountains of McDonalds, go call your customer service and confess relieve yourselves of the doubts you have about your purchases!”

  • barbevil

    Amen!!! And now will you excuse me, I have to do my morning prayers… uh, I mean purchases!

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