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Paralysed Monday

September 22nd, 2014


From: OHS@workingbeauty.com
To: sarah.vigynski@workingbeauty.com
Subject: Re: Re: I am not coming to work today

Dear Health And Safety Experts

Thanks for your message, but why would you say that “paralysed with fear is not a good enough excuse for taking a day off”… Really? not even on a Monday??

And I was surprised by your argument that “We do not understand what would cause such a reaction”, … well for starters, the upcoming end of the world, thank you very much! And if you had looked at the news, you would know as much!

Well, thanks for sending me a link to purchase “Rescue Remedy for stress-relief” but I am not sure I appreciate the tone in which you wrote “and we can also recommend a good psycho-therapist”!!!

I understand that according to your records I have been “trying to miss work on Mondays on several occasions”, and why are you so patronising in stating that “you are not the girl who cried wolf and we are too stubborn to listen! The world does not end!”. But I know it is t his time!… I know it… deep down… in my stomach cramps!

Thanks for acknowledging this, because I will sue you if I was right and you were wrong!


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