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  • Barbevil

    Yeah, Sarah scares me too… what´s going on? Since when is she so determined? I love the headless chicken image. How did they ever notice Babette was gone? I thought CEOs could disappear for years and no one would notice (Claire seems to have thought the same).

    • Working Beauty

      Yeah, well I guess Sarah feels that something terrible might happen if they continue to dilly-dally… like “the aliens will kill us all”… I don’t know. She can get quite bossy when she puts her head around something… especially when it comes to shopping, but that’s a different matter. As for the disappearance of the CEO. Well maybe they just sensed her spiritual absence and that sent them into a frenzy?!… Okay, different observation: maybe the CEO as a mental mindset is helpful whether she exists or not. Just like God. But the complete absence of a CEO means bedlam…

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