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Unwanted Monday

October 28th, 2013


From: sarah.vigynski@workingbeauty.com
To: claire.obrian@workingbeauty.com, isobel.haylock@workingbeauty.com
Cc: gunnar.angersson@cleaningbeauty.com


As we all know, the aliens are back. Thankfully the media is long gone and nobody cares anymore, but I remembered the organizational announcement Simon sent out at the time when they left:

“Jiepppiee… now back to work. Simon Hitty, emperor of this building”

So I wrote a hypothetical note to him asking what he’d think if they would come back… I received this answer from Vivienne Knocks:

“You’d all get fired! Now back to work. Vivienne Knocks, assistant to the emperor”

I hate Mondays!

PS: Gunnar, if you tell anyone the aliens are back, we won’t let them clean… ehm… eat the dust in our office… So shut it!

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