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The Truth about Youth

February 28th, 2014


Claire says:

“Look I don’t get all these women wanting to stay young forever with all their injections, suctions and plucktions… I mean, what’s the whole point?

I don’t feel that pressure at all. Maybe because my mother used to say ‘Always remember my little darling, if one drinks a lot of irish scotch, one stays young!’…

Come to think of it, maybe it was ‘dies young’…

Ah well, I wouldn’t need all that Blahtox one way or the other…! And you can get that on a t-shirt too if you want!”


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  • barbevil

    I had a professor in England who was Irish and never had a single cold all winter while everyone else was down with flu, thanks to his regular whisky intake, according to his own statement. On the downside, he probably had to do the workload of all his bedridden colleagues… But come to think of it, he did look very young, though I don´t think he was… so Claire, you´re doing the right thing. Cheaper than botox and so much more fun. Slaínte! Don´t know if I spelt that right, but who cares.

    • Working Beauty

      You spilt that perfectly… I can only slur when I’m drunk…

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