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Claire says:

“Okay, here’s my rant on the international women’s day!

We are NOT a minority. If anything we’re the majority on earth, so why is it that we get just ONE BLOODY DAY, while men get to rule politics and companies the rest of the year? And badly, if I may add! How did anyone come up with that idea? I can only imagine some Pratt thinking ‘let’s give them a day and then they’ll keep quiet’ or ‘Hey, they deserve a day… they don’t have much else, do they’… 

I get that we can celebrate female leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and all that, but the concept is clearly outdated. So… please world, don’t patronise me! I am a great woman ALL year through! So don’t just give me a day!

I am ready to fight for this injustice and I will NOT rest until we women are celebrated at least half of the year!


Phew, that was exhausting, let’s get some cocktails!”


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