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Strip 4.19: Familial Prison

November 10th, 2013



  • Barbevil

    What are the things the aliens are holding in the last panel???

    • Working Beauty

      Oh… good question, it’s like bread-crumbs and a banana?! To feed the prisoners! I thought it was clear that the right one holds a banana, but looking at it again it could be confused. But the idea was that they feel like in a Zoo, and want to feed the “animals” so to say… it was taking the “Big Brother” comment one step further and make a social commentary on how we sometimes look at other people behind a boundary like a tv screed, prison, country-borders or even next-door neighbours :-) Does that make sense?

  • barbevil

    Uh… yeah. Now that you say it, I can see it all: the breadcrumbs, the banana, the social commentary. I suppose it was just way too phili pilo philopsosical philosophiva… in other words, too deep for me.

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