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Monday Visa

July 15th, 2013


From: sarah.red.vigynski@workingbeauty.com
To: visa_office@government.com
Subject: Re:Re: Visa Inquiry for outer space expatriates

Dear Mr. Bomperdinck
Thank you for your fast response. What do you mean with “we cannot grant your visitors from outer space an urgent visa because we can’t enter a ‘planet of origin’ in our system”. One would have thought the government is prepared for events like this?! And while we thought it was an addition to our interplanetary understanding, why do you say “we have forwarded your request to the responsible department of defence”? I am not sure this really is like you say “a military matter that needs to be solved” nor that “our all security is at stake”.

But then if you put it that way… maybe it is.
What if they are really here to “kill us all and take our land away”. Is that the reason I can’t reach you by phone today? Did you really “go home and lock up in an air-tight bunker”??

Hmmm, this Monday might be worse than I thought. Thank you for your official government perspective on that


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