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World News With Iceland Special

December 12th, 2014

The exclusive update on all things… Iceland… I guess…

But check out
Silent Language of Leadership Programme in Iceland
Fly with Icelandair and watch Of Horses And Men

Need any learning illustration? Let me know! Message me on any of my channels please…

Check out my chocolate youtube playlist
Chocolate Stuff (Where I review different chocolates from all around the world)
Or where I sing songs
Singing Songs Like a Nightingale


  • Barbevil

    Oh, thank you so much for remembering to show The Artwork… if only for a nanosecond. My day is saved. Maybe after Working Beauty it´s time for an erotic horse story with loads of studs (pun intended)? Like, Fifty Shades of Horse Droppings? Just a thought.

    • http://workingbeauty.com/ Working Beauty

      Oh my gawd, love your comments always, but this drawing (or dropping) is awesome!!! I see you got the doodle bug!… And oh my,keep them comments coming, I take so much inspiration from you (lol) I might even create 50y shades of studs… or at least mention it some time… I often film a week in advance but still… I try to keep things current

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