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I am gettting a bit more personal… so I hope you still enjoy it… I also get aggravated about a certain something… oh you will see…



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  • http://maquillageobscura.blogspot.com/ Olivia

    Your lips match the curtains, cool! Actually, I thought you ate too much vindaloo.

    I never watched Big Brother or the Bachelor. I like watching Master Chef and Master Chef Junior, also Top Chef and Top Chef Masters. I think I have a food theme going.

    I like Liam Neeson and his action movies are simplistic same with Jason Statham. I also watch the movie Rockstar over and over which is bad because it tells you the state of my mind–very late 80’s early 90’s!

    My brain has been on the decline ever since I subscribed to Netflix and Hulu. Binge-watching has altered my brain cells and is slowly taking away my intelligence. Also, binge-watching withdrawal is something I never would have encountered before and it is a new emotion for me.

    As for you, your videos and cartoons are awesome! Your minty green shimmer lips are cool too! I give you ???? for this video!

  • Barbevil

    Hey, thanks for spreading the Bechdel rule!! It always surprises me to find how many films actually don´t satisfy it, even these days. Also, isn´t it funny that there is no opposite of misogyny? I think misandry is a good word, though it´s probably not in the dictionary. Well, maybe we´ll live to see that changed. (Come to think of it, Misandry sounds like a good name for a girl, don´t you think?)
    Incidentally, isn´t it also funny that “serious condition” (of the TV) sounds exactly like “series condition”?
    As for the state of the world: I see you have a teddy bear in the background. That´s great. Everyone needs some emotional support to bear (pun intended) the world today…
    Oh, and, harumphh… WOMANPOWER!!!

    • http://workingbeauty.com/ Working Beauty

      Thanks! Yes, Misandry is a word but it is NEVER used (because obviously the world loves men…)… Oh well yes… WOMANPOWER! ehm

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