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T-Shirts available now!

February 14th, 2013

A year ago we at Working Beauty verbalized a target “In ten years we want to see fake Working Beauty T-Shirts on the black market”, and now the first step is done! The Wordans Working Beauty Boutique is open:

T-shirt– Prizes are in Australian Dollars, but you should be able to order from anywhere in the world. The T-shirts are being printed by Wordans.

– If you don’t find your desired design/color use the “Create” button to create your own custom made shirt!

– If you can’t find your favourite character or design that you love, please send an e-mail to aldona@workingbeauty.com. I want and will create more t-shirts (a Pratt Nilluck one coming soon) …

– The t-shirts are created “on demand”, I did not get samples of all the t-shirts! So please do send me pictures and let me know if they are what you expected!

– I used the inexpensive and readily available shirt options. Create other options yourself or let me know what you want. (front-and-back printing and/or printing on black or colored shirts is more expensive)

-There are options for men, women and kids… Toddler-wear upon request :-)!

By buying those t-shirts you support Working Beauty in many ways! First and foremost, you give me joy for the fact that there’s people out there who enjoy the designs and want to wear them, but you also help create advertisement and brand value for Working Beauty and with each sold t-shirt a part of the proceeds goes to Working Beauty and helps me create more of the fun for you…  Thank you so much!

Now go and do some online shopping therapy :-)


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