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Saying Goodbye to 2014

December 27th, 2014

The exclusive goodbye message from Aldona to 2014…

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PS: you can also watch the (STRONG LANGUAGE) Director’s cut of above farewell… it is longer, it is extended, it is… silly

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  • cristina

    great video…..me looking for House of card season 3 and orange is the new black. Strongly agree the FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK 2014……worst year ever !!!

    • http://workingbeauty.com/ Working Beauty

      Lol!! Yes! Let us stay safe for the last couple days and get rid of it for good!!!! Ps: I heard House of Cards is good! Maybe I should start watching it… As for the other, I don’t like prison dramas that much… But I heard it’s brilliant too!!

  • Barbevil

    Love this. Thanks for the movie tip. You should think about doing a regular show! Orange is the new black? Could be worse. There was a time when brown was the new black. Now that was dreadful. Or maybe it´s just me. I hate brown.

    • http://workingbeauty.com/ Working Beauty

      Thanks… I am trying to make this a regular show,… If time permits! I do however still publish new chocolate clips too (see the link above)… This might not become a weekly thing, but I enjoy doing them, so hopefully bi-weekly?… Better bi than never… Right?

    • http://workingbeauty.com/ Working Beauty

      Btw… So true … Hate brown!!!

  • http://maquillageobscura.blogspot.com/ Olivia

    LOL Love it! I watched your soft version. I haven’t watched Nymphomaniac even though the directors cut is on Netflix. I figured why not go straight for the porn! Busy watching Sons of Anarchy or watched that.

    Anyway, like you, I also almost sliced off my finger opening a cat food can; so I got rid of my cat instead to avoid any more danger! (Just kidding!)

    Yes, I would also like to say F*ck 2014! I f*cking wish you a great New Year and 2015 better be f*cking good!



    • http://workingbeauty.com/ Working Beauty

      Hahaha! Well said! Let’s hear it for 2015! And as I am writing this, I realize my webcomic ranks 666th @topwebcomics… Quite fitting as I do feel in a circle of hell now… Unpacking boxes is f*king annoying

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