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This week is all about magic, wizards, witches and the wonderful land of Oz! But there are other “things” that have magical powers.


So please head over to Sonia’s wonderful blog entry on “The Power of Makeup”! She wonderfully explains how you can use makeup in your everyday beauty routine and become the most GORGEOUS working beauty that you can be! So let yourself be transported to a wonderful world of color and glamour!… (Another good reason is that Sarah and Claire are doing a guest-appearance with an exclusive cartoon)

Sonia is the wonderful and generous owner and creator of “SweetMakeupTemptations”, a great blog for everyone who is interested in makeup brushes and products! A Working Beauty Recommendation!

  • http://sweetmakeuptemptations Sonia

    Hi Aldona,

    you are simply the best ! I love you and your cartoons !! :)

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