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I stumbled upon this movie today, and I immediately had to think of Ivanka
and her strange affliction for somewhat dangerous pets.
Obviously I don’t know the movie-makers, and they did not create this movie for my webcomic.  But it is nevertheless a very intriguing combination to watch this movie and think of Ivanka as the girl!

Give it a go!
(There are three drops of blood at one point… you are warned)


  • http://maquillageobscura.blogspot.com/ Olivia

    Most definitely a page in Ivanka’s past! LOL

  • Barbevil

    This is li´l Ivanka. No doubt about it. Great film, too. Everyone should have a friend like Vincent!

    • http://workingbeauty.com/ Working Beauty

      Yes indeed! Btw, I am in the process of making more ebooks for people to download as I might remove the archives from this page (so people actually have to pay a little bit to see the art from days past)… do you think I should create a separate ebook for ivanka or include it in the specials for season 5? work wise it doesn’t matter really I think… just curious what you think

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