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I help you to creatively reduce your stress and then I show you some wonderful Gialli movies… hope you enjoy! There’s nothing more relaxing than watching horrific brutal thrillers…



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  • http://maquillageobscura.blogspot.com/ Olivia

    I guess it is starting as a Fuck You 2015. I love the drawing, I need one as myself! LOL This year is not the year so far for me too. Never heard of the films, I wonder if they are on Netflix. Now that I have finished Spartacus the explicit edition, I have nothing to watch…again.

    Nice smoky eyes!!

    • http://workingbeauty.com/ Working Beauty

      The movies are available on dvd or blu ray in the US so maybe they are available somewhere like Netflix… but they are difficult to watch (especially the second one), a great artistic effort I find though. However NOT something that I would classify as “entertainment” :-) You are warned…

      Thanks, this time I am happy with the smoky eye look here actually :-) it makes my eyes look very bright blue…

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