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Ivanka’s Exciting Dream-Life

November 26th, 2014


  • Barbevil

    That´s what it´s like. Exactly. Crocodile Dandy has his toys and hopefully some nice tidbits to help him through the day – Ivanka would have her Smartphone and some biscuits… but other than that, life in the booth is very much like a terrarium. Sometimes it´s more like at the zoo, because visitors will stare into the booth and wave. No one ever knocked on my pane yet, I´m grateful for small mercies. You know at zoos they often have those food dispensers where you can buy food for the animals? I´m waiting for the introduction of that for Interpreters. Feed the interpreters with good, nourishing health food! But don´t throw them candy, or their teeth will get stuck in it and they can´t work any more…
    Btw I like Crocodile Dandy. He (she? more likely a he) could become what Öskusky is for the main WB strip – someone on whom the humans project their own thoughts and feelings. Maybe we will some day know what he is thinking of all this, like we sometimes get to know what Öskusky thinks? Or maybe it´s better if he remains silent also to the readers, and we can guess, just like Ivanka has to.

    • http://workingbeauty.com/ Working Beauty

      Thanks for that great comment! I am happy you enjoyed that comic! And you gave me so many great new ideas

  • http://ifmakeupcouldtalk.com/ ifmakeupcouldtalk

    Hello Aldona,

    This strip speaks volumes. We look at animals and think we are the superior species, but in reality our cage (taxes, bills, work) is just as confining as theirs. They’re just cutier and a heck of a lot smarter.


    • http://workingbeauty.com/ Working Beauty

      Thank you for your comment Maria!! Yes, … I just spent a week in Iceland at a workshop with Icelandic Horses. I think they lead a simpler life, and they are full of love!… There was also a dog and a couple cats… it was really nice. Animals are often much kinder than humans too!

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