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The Working Beauty Quiz

Please Note: If you post the results and/or have enabled cookies, you might only take the quiz once. After taking the quiz, either don’t post results or delete your cookie history then reload the page and you can take it again.

And of course it’s a very valid and reliable Personality Test, so feel free to print the results and bring them to your boss for your next performance discussion or to your next job interview! Character Dimensions like “Sarah” or “Pratt” are perfectly accepted and understood globally within all big corporations. We urge you to therefore adapt your vocabulary accordingly and use phrases like “I did pull quite a Hank out there!” or “You really showed some Isobel during this meeting!”…

And if that’s not Claire enough for you, I don’t know what could be!

Working Beauty everyone!



End of the world… or else?
Click on any of  the 6 cards below to download a printable PDF (about 1MB each)! Enjoy each card… as if it may be your last…




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