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“All women are Working Beauties, whether in the office or at home, our work is not what we do, but who we are, and how we whip those men into shape!”


Contact me at aldona@workingbeauty.com

My name is Aldona Kaczkowski (living in beautiful Switzerland) and I feel I am the creator of Working Beauty. This female office-based webcomic-universe launched its first Season in June 2011. The webcomics’ heroine, Sarah ‘Red’ Vigynski is a fun but a bit naive employee in a big corporation. Her adventures are evolving around a mysterious organization that seems to be making weird experiments and has various sorts of roboters in use. It’s a corporate fairytale.

I often don’t know more than you, my cherished readers, do, as I continuously draw my inspiration from the here and now, and sometimes the story writes itself rather than me forcing it into a direction. Working Beauty is also being co-created by the inspiration taken from fans and comments.



“Life inspires art, but in case of Working Beauty I hope art will not inspire lives … but make people giggle!“


I started drawing my first comics at the age of 5 and continued to draw many stories during my university years. After that I worked many years for a renowned international company where I have learned a lot about hard work, teams and organizations. During that time I neglected my artistic side and decided to create “Working Beauty”! Its purpose is not to make fun of organizations in the first place, but to share some of the obvious realities from an extreme angle and help people to take everything less seriously…


“You can take a child out of the kindergarten, but you can’t take kindergarten out of an organization!”


Born in Warsaw, Poland. I studied Psychology, Neuroscience and Media Research in Zurich, Switzerland. After many years of international work experience and living in Sydney, Australia for 2 years. I currently reside in Switzerland with my prince charming and best critic.

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