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It’s less the song but the hilarious fashion show in this video clip that makes this our Song of the Week!  

Song of the Week: Hair

August 21st, 2012

It’s not that we’re fan of Lady Gaga or anything, but she just has a song for every occasion… and you find out Sunday why we chose this song this week!

This is a must Song for this summer now that Season 2 has ended! Just please, don’t kill yourself…  

Here’s to reminisce the Season Finale and listen to the song that inspired Cynthias breathtaking and tear-quenching (at least in my head it was… oh the sadness of unawareness) performance:

For the upcoming Season Finale on August 5th, let’s start the upcoming summer party today and enjoy the song of the week: Tune in on Sunday and find out why this song is appropriate. Oh and listen to the meaningful lyrics especially at the beginning!

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