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Claire is a bit disappointed: “I’ve just recently been presented with a revolutionary view on leadership. Apparently we are all leaders, we can all take personal leadership and so I am responsible for … uhm… stuff… You know, because leadership is not tied to a position or career stage. But blimey, I just always believed […]

The Truth about Downs

May 11th, 2012

“Life is a constant up and down, isn’t it? Good days, bad days! But in the end, how you feel about yourself is what really matters. My good old aunt Sorcha used to say sitting in her rocking chair in the isolation ward “you only have to deal with people who are intellectually less fortunate […]

Claire puts it simply: “People try and make us believe that the world is becoming complex and that we need all these models to (over-)simplify it. We have assessments, tools, books and apps to guide us through everything. Whether it is leading a team, giving birth, baking a muffin or finding your toilet in the […]

The Truth about Beliefs

April 27th, 2012

Claire calls it like it is: “Hmmm, it was announced that there’s a ‘Leadership Board Meeting’ taking place this week! Look, I was brought up to only believe what I see and experience. I didn’t blieve in the whole lord of the rings crap… you know a ‘ring to rule them all’!? Please! Now what’s […]

The Truth about Secrets

April 13th, 2012

Claire whispers: “Secrets are very volatile, they have a way of hiding, so that we don’t remember or think of them… and then they sneak up on us. And once they come to the surface, it’s difficult to keep them down… I am not talking about my nose, I am talking about Molly… ever since […]

The Truth about Easter Eggs

April 6th, 2012

Claire says: “Ah Easter time, isn’t it a joy… In our offices we organize each year a fab Easter Egg Hunt. This brings out the most competitive side of me… like when I used to go sheep-tipping back in high-school! I could tip 10 sheep in a minute! But no… Easter is a serious time […]

The Truth about Yoga

March 30th, 2012

The Truth about Spirals

March 23rd, 2012

Claire claims: “You know, it has been said that people actually went crazy going through a spiral! I can’t imagine that, at this conference we are all just going to sit in a spiral and then what? Well anyway, I think Red and I are safe. After all we’re already a bit crazy, aren’t we? […]

Claire ponders: “We are now all being sent to a ‘Group Relations Conference’ or whatever it’s called. Okay, it’s two weeks out of the office and apparently it’s for our ‘development’ and exploring our ‘leadership’ or whatever. I tell you something, back in Ireland we had group relations every day, with herds of sheep and […]

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