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Claire says: “I read this quote from David Mitchell ‘Our lives are not our own… we are bound to others’ and it made me think… Our story is not our own, it is also bound to others! So if you read this, let us know what you would like to see in the next Season […]

(Red should read David Mitchell’s “Cloud Atlas“… and you could too :-)

Cloud Atlas Red Monday

May 27th, 2013

Red goes: “Sometimes I stand there at the bus-stop with my MP3-Player plugged in, listening to a girl band like Girls Aloud, wondering how THEY get to be famous instead of me, … you know… chilling…. waiting for the bus to arrive… this kind of moment when you are one with yourself and the universe […]

Read the intro here

Claire says: “You know, bad dates are a bit like sinking ships. You see the catastrophy coming, you still want to see whether you can maneuver your way around it, you realize you can’t, you still eat the fancy dinner and pretend nothing’s wrong, … you leave the restaurant first and let the guy drown […]

Red Monday of the Sea

May 20th, 2013

Red ponders: “Sometimes when you see those boats or ships, they do have some funny names. Like ‘Princess of the Sea’, ‘The Golden Seahorse’ or something… I wonder if anyone ever named their boat after Monday. Like ‘The unbearable Monday’ or ‘Monday of Terror’… Hmmm,…. I am sure you’re all going to google that one […]

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