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Next week we will have the Working Beauty cast on Pat Potter’s Talkshow! They will answer questions and shed some light on Working Beauty… Journalist Profile: Pat Potter has always wanted to be in the media. Her biggest idols are Ellen DeGeneres (minus the heart), Joan Rivers (minus the face) and Oprah (minus the yo-yo […]

This was a deleted full episode from the 2nd Season right before the Board-Room Meeting where the whole team goes shopping. I was planning to include it later in the Second Season Book, but as life goes a different direction than my projects, the book is not anywhere in sight… so… here it is, for […]

We’re very excited to announce another parody making its way to this channel soon… Working Beauty takes on Showgirls in:

What other kinds of movie-parodies would YOU like to see??

We at Working Beauty prefer people who are aware that their intelligence has its limitations, rather than people who are stupid but in denial about it! Well done scarecrow!

Black Monday

April 1st, 2013

The Molly Trilogy ends and with this…   WORKING BEAUTY   is ENDING!…   no no, just kidding… April’s Fool… it’s NOT!   So while our heroines go to their respective rehab centers, we will continue to provide you with insights and specials including: WORKING BEAUTY does “Wizard Of Oz” THE NIGHT WITH PAT POTTER […]

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