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The Truth about Outfit Choices

August 15th, 2014

The Truth about the Invasion

August 8th, 2014

Hank explains: “I’m also happy that all the girls are gone. But for different reasons than Pratt. As a CFO I would happily get rid of all of the ground staff anyway. First it’d allow us for higher salaries at the top and we’d have a much better bottom line. The only problem is: who would […]

There is ALWAYS time for new make-up techniques! And if you are curious, please check out Olivia’s fabulous blog where I discovered the “reverse concealing” (and it does work, despite what Red does with Claire): http://intothepalette.blogspot.com (Check out “the easy glamorous eyes” tutorial with yours truly) Or Olivia’s other blog with even more looks, reviews and […]


The Truth about CEO

June 6th, 2014

Claire says: “To be quite honest being a CEO must be fun. I mean, while we … the common people… are actually concerned about survival, and working our bums off to stay on top of things… Our CEO is certainly engaged in… CEO stuff. I imagine that entails fancy lunches with board people, fancy trips […]

The Truth about Farms

May 30th, 2014

Claire says: “Maybe I already told you, but I grew up on a farm… then I left and became one fabulous showgirl…  only years later I became the successful businesswoman I am now… And yet some memories always stay with you and I will always miss that stench of faeces, all those pigs in the trenches and […]

Claire says: “I have to be honest with you… I didn’t speak the truth last Friday… And I tell you why! I was laying passed out on the office floor from lack of nicotine. I think throughout the years my lungs have adapted to a certain level of smoke so that I got air-poisoning once […]

The Truth about Shopping

May 2nd, 2014

Claire says: “Shopping is the new religion of the first world! If you think I am talking rubbish then think about shopping as a transaction in fear and guilt. We are being guilt-tripped into buying stuff by preachers actors in advertisements who tell us what we need, that the economic future depends on us and that […]

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