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Are you actually wondering when Season 4 is going to take off? I can give you the official title and starting date: A month to go… but it’s gonna be worth it… it’s huge… it’s challenging… questioning… it’s science… it’s fiction… it’s WORKING BEAUTY OVEREXPOSED so get ready!

What if you would wake up and the world would be dominated by apes… ehm… MEN (sorry!) FIND OUT ON SUNDAY!

Next week we will have the Working Beauty cast on Pat Potter’s Talkshow! They will answer questions and shed some light on Working Beauty… Journalist Profile: Pat Potter has always wanted to be in the media. Her biggest idols are Ellen DeGeneres (minus the heart), Joan Rivers (minus the face) and Oprah (minus the yo-yo […]

We’re very excited to announce another parody making its way to this channel soon… Working Beauty takes on Showgirls in:

This week is all about magic, wizards, witches and the wonderful land of Oz! But there are other “things” that have magical powers. MAKEUP! So please head over to Sonia’s wonderful blog entry on “The Power of Makeup”! She wonderfully explains how you can use makeup in your everyday beauty routine and become the most […]

It’s only a month to go and one glamorous lady (Beatrix, Queen of the Netherlands) is leaving the stage! Inspired by this event (and the colors of the Dutch flag AND their favourite color orange) Working Beauty has created custom t-shirts to fit the occasion. They are limited edition, so get them before it’s too […]

St. Patrick’s Day T-shirts…

February 19th, 2013

It’s only a month, so get them before it’s too late. 3 exclusive Claire/St.Patrick’s Day designs available now: From lovely Irish Forest Green to Hangover-Vomit-Lime! A t-shirt for every occasion, whether a pub-bending evening, a passed-out night somewhere in a ditch or the wonderful headache in the morning… Let everyone know you’re green!

T-Shirts available now!

February 14th, 2013

A year ago we at Working Beauty verbalized a target “In ten years we want to see fake Working Beauty T-Shirts on the black market”, and now the first step is done! The Wordans Working Beauty Boutique is open: – Prizes are in Australian Dollars, but you should be able to order from anywhere in […]

Exclusive Look: One month to go!

September 20th, 2012


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