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Artist Corner: Q&A

May 2nd, 2013

Why have you started with Working Beauty? The simple answer: Well, I had to. The more complex answer is: I don’t know exactly why. I guess, at some point in my career I just missed doing comics and I missed the characters I used to create when I was still in school and university. It […]

You might feel like “Why does Working Beauty make a parody of Showgirls? Isn’t Working Beauty promoting strong female characters? While Showgirls is just a bunch of misogynist crap?” Untitled, watercolor at age 16, half-destroyed by flood-water Well, I agree AND it is also a very camp interpretation of femininity and thus a commentary on […]

Artist Corner: Escapism

April 19th, 2013

Dear readers and Working Beauties… There are not only cheerful moments in the life of an artist. It wasn’t just a coincidence I chose to publish the “Wizard of Oz” Parody last week. I am not going through a good time at this moment. Probably one of the worst of my life. My mother is […]

Dear readers and Working Beauties… A lot of people ask me where I get some of my ideas from. And I could come up with a simple answer like: “My brain just functions in a really weird way”… But that’s not the truth really. I can have sparks of ideas and develop story-lines, characters… but […]

Dear readers and Working Beauties… Two things to talk to you about this week, w hich I am very excited about as an artist… First of all the release of Tinka, the Tram-driver for the public transport company in Zürich, Switzerland! I love Tinka and she’s a hard-working lovely girl… our corporate beauties could learn […]

Dear Readers I thought I would start an Artist Corner here too! To ramble about Working Beauty, life, purpose and … maybe make-up? I’ve just recently stopped working for an organization and I am now basically unemployed. Except for the fact that I feel like an employee of Working Beauty. But seeing I’m the artist, […]

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