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Dear Readers

I thought I would start an Artist Corner here too! To ramble about Working Beauty, life, purpose and … maybe make-up?

I’ve just recently stopped working for an organization and I am now basically unemployed. Except for the fact that I feel like an employee of Working Beauty. But seeing I’m the artist, what does that make me? A bit of an artistic housewife really, in yet another organization (albeit fictional)… I just jokingly said to a friend “let’s get together and do a desperate housewives evening!” My friend was working for 30 years and decided last year to quit and devote more time for her daughter! And she loves it!

So maybe in the end Working Beauty is more of a child then and I just want to devote more time to that!

Ahh, it’s all about purpose, otherwise I’d might just become desperate…

Cheers and hugs,

  • Niggy Pop

    who took the pic? Looks a bit like Pippilotti Rist

    • Working Beauty

      The picture were taken by a friend photographer… It’s supposed to look like a “desperate housewife”! :-)))

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