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The Apocalyptic Question

July 15th, 2014

IMG_0120What do you experience when reading Working Beauty? Please let me know…

As my work feels very much in “transition”, and I often wonder where I am heading. Creatively. I know how the story will end this Season (at least to some extent) but as I have become more apocalyptic in my story, I realise that I have brought a lot more colour into the art. Which is an interesting contradiction. Maybe the color represents the amount of “fantasy” and “science-fiction” that I brought into Working Beauty. I always felt drawn to fantasy in my stories… but then that doesn’t alway turn out for the best.

The next episodes will become more and more coloured and as I was just drawing a new episode with black and white (and red), it felt like a return to true focus and form.

I am curious where the creative force will lead me…


What are the questions you ask when reading Working Beauty?

Or is it turning into Walking Beauty? Or Working Dead?

See what I did there? No? Oh well… written humour is not my forté!

I also want to say, thanks a lot for your support during the last weeks, every message, comment and thought certainly helped… I feel like I am slowly coming back to the living, but I do hunger for different creative outlets and projects… Which might also mean rethinking Working Beauty altogether!



  • olivia

    Just take it wherever it takes you, if you don’t like it just turn it around. That is half the fun.

    By the way, I love that makeup look!

    • Working Beauty

      Thank you Olivia!!… Yes, I started trying out some more “fun” make-up looks and making selfies which I post on Facebook… Anyway, thanks for your comment, I agree, muses will lead me where I need to go… wherever that may be!

  • Barbevil

    First, phone for a big pizza. Second, eat it. Third, go outside and find some place where ideas are likely to pass by. (You´ll know it when you see it. Don´t hurry.) And then just stand in the way of the ideas and let them hit you. Doesn´t matter what they are. Any idea you make happen is a good one. (Says Paul Arden in “Whatever you think, think the opposite” – a great book, and if you don´t know it yet, pick it up at your bookstore of choice, which is the one you come by on your way to the idea-ish place.)
    Working Beauty will be fine whichever way it goes. And if it ends, something else is sure to rear its head…
    Big hug for the road, Barb

    • Working Beauty

      Lovely answer… Thank you! I need to get that book!… Oh my, does it hurt when ideas hit you (just by the way?)

  • Jeremiah Marksberry

    you know working beauty is a female, because no male comic ever asked, “whatcha thinking about?”
    Personally i love your characters. They are strong and distinct. Clair would never say an isobel line etc.but as an artist you should always be free to play with any ideas.

    • http://workingbeauty.com/ Aldona @WorkingBeauty

      Thanks for that Jeremiah!… I actually love my characters too (I know that sounds conceited, but I do, because they are fun to work with and while they are part of me, they are also their own…) And so whatever the “universe” will be that Working Beauty inhabits, I think the underlying characters wills tay the same… it’s just the context that changes… and of course throwing characters into different situations will get different reactions, so I always like to experiment with that!!!

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