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somethinginmyshirtWhere’s the world at?

As an artist I am often overcome with emotions and sensations. And also by the darkness of the world at times. With conflicts in Israel and Ukraine, planes being shot out of the sky and wars in countless other places… How does that reflect on us? On our society? I ask myself many questions and I realise that some of that darkness has found a way into my work. I hope you don’t mind.

Why are we here? Where are we going?

What are your questions about our human existence? I am curious! Is it too heavy? I guess, that’s the process of reflection and learning. But answers are elusive. Working Beauty doesn’t want to answer questions either, but it wants to ask as many as possible. It is about our own accountability to evolve and create our paths… Individually and as a society with (hopefully) a twinkle in our eye and a smile!

So apart from the darkness, there is humour and there is courage… and if nothing else, I hope you get inspired by that. Oh, it’s good to talk about it and get it off my chest, … even though, I must say, I almost like that pink little fluffy thing…

Hope you continue to enjoy the story, and get ready for a suspenseful episode on Sunday that rivals vertigo!


  • http://www.cicollective.com Trisha

    I know it has seemed very dark and heavy lately but there is humour and courage and love and I continue to get inspired by them. (Take a look at #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies) And in reading about the people who have lost their lives on MH17 you can see why they were here. Even the youngest seem to have left a legacy of some sort. My questions have been to myself; am I living the way I want to each day? am I enjoying and appreciating life? am I loving those who are in my life? am I doing my work the way I want to? is there something more I want to do that I’m missing at the moment?
    Thank you for posing the questions.

  • Olivia

    Before I start, awesome look!!!!

    I too had been thinking about the various events which have been occurring. For one, I can judge what kind of character Putin is! Two, I think the world needs to know there is war still going on and innocent lives are being taken and sacrificed all the time. The loss for these relatives are the same as anyone else who does not have war in their country. For the people on the Malaysian flight, I keep thinking about how the calculated events brought everything and everyone to that one moment. I know life isn’t just the physical part we see but the reasoning behind why these people were chosen with this destiny really makes me wonder about what life and the non-physical aspect is really about.

    I could say more but it would turn into some metaphysical, weed-smoking discussion!

  • Working Beauty

    I love both your posts, Trisha and Olivia!… I can see an overlapping pattern, about destiny and the events that lead us to where we … need to be.

    I understand that some discussions can get very metaphysical, but isn’t that also exciting? Maybe not for here, but I discuss these things with friends often and reflect on it,…

    Thanks for playing with me and sharing your thoughts! Love it!!!

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