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queenofhearts3What is Inspiration?

Don’t ask me… Go google it. But to be brief, Oxford Dictionary provides us with a definition: “The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative”. That sounds simple enough, but then some things make us feel, but don’t inspire… like if a brick would fall on your foot, you’d feel that, but would it be inspirational? … Hmmm, now that I think of it, maybe it would be! But I digress…

What inspires me?

Every person is inspired by different things. I can tell you what I am inspired by… and in turn maybe inspire you to seek some of those inputs out. And I am also interested in hearing what inspires you.

1. Lying somewhere in the dark and looking up to the stars (hence that dreamy/lying picture for this post)… Always does the trick for me to inspire me and both make me feel insignificant and yet also purposeful…

2. Books… I am pretty flexible, although I prefer fiction. I can read Sophie Kinsella, Clive Barker (who some of you would find gruesome, … and yes, true… but also very reflective on life and death and everything in between), David Mitchell (oh my, don’t even get me started on him)…

3. Music. Some artists who inspire me are: Mylène Farmer, Lily Allen, Lana Del Rey but also oh so many more…

4. Animation Series… Funny you would think my work is mainly inspired by cartoons, but actually the reason I draw cartoons are animation series. I always revert to Japanese anime series for major inspiration. Neon Genesis Evangelion for example. But I grew up with Captain Harlock, Gigi, Candy-Candy and (non-Japanese) Mysterious City of Gold!

5. Animation Movies… Anything from the Ghibli Studios really. And no, not the Hollywood/Disney type of animation. With some exceptions those were nice to look at, but they never really inspired me. I implore you to watch Hayao Miyazake’s Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and/or Howl’s Moving Castle!

6. Movies… Go watch Lucy by Luc Besson (or even better, one of his previous efforts Angel-A… and I challenge you not to cry the last 10 minutes straight)! ’nuff said! (Oh and don’t even ask me if i like the new instalment of Transformers, because I didn’t see it and I don’t care!)

7. The Art of Drag… (and if you don’t know what I mean, then that one is probably not for you… or google RuPaul and find out for yourself)

Apart from that, of course other people inspire me CONSTANTLY (but that’s kind of obvious, isn’t it? We all inspire each other in this world)… conversations… trying to make sense of stuff!… But the one thing I try to avoid is daily news or movies based on true events (unless events were uplifting), because I find life to be somewhat depressing at times!

What inspires you?

I gave you quite a run for your money, haven’t I?… so please, let me know what inspires you! I am interested and very happy to broaden my horizon!! Bring it on!


  • Olivia

    What inspires me? Things that people might find a nuisance, for example, pigeons! I know they are rats of the sky but if you look at their shape and coloring, you find how lucky nature can be. For example, if you ever see them resting and spreading their wings to dry out their “armpits” you will find their wings span is similar to some haircut patterns on humans! If you look at the purple and green iridescence on their neck, you will forever try to find an eyeshadow as deep and saturated as that color.

    Other things that inspire me, good old rock music from Fleetwood Mac or Rush. Television and movies inspire me. I always have to look in detail at everyone’s makeup and check out the lighting!

    Books? I admit I don’t read many but when I do I will read about 3 from the same author. Yes, I like Clive Barker!

    By the way, great makeup look. I was thinking of doing a 60’s look on you but I haven’t quite come up with a simple way to explain the tutorial. Or I might just make you as natural as possible. Dunno what the next one will be, I think I have to have some inspiration!

    • Working Beauty

      How could I forget: Nature! Of course! Huge inspiration. Love it!… Maybe because I live in the city for the last 2 years, nature has not been as present in my life (unfortunately). But I used to bike up a hill and then sit in the grass looking at the sky, the valleys, rivers… houses too… Landscapes can be very inspiring, and the colours of the sky… I like the fact that pigeons can be inspirational. So cool… btw what would a 60s look entail? In this look I used an OCC lip tar in Super NSFW, it comes out great in pictures, I find!… The eye-makeup is as described on Twitter: Malted, Taupe Eyeliner (plus black liquid on top) and Beach Nude by Bobbi Brown… What makes the picture look so good is the lighting that particular day!

      • http://maquillageobscura.blogspot.com/ Olivia

        I am thinking 60’s but my brain hasn’t been cooperative in the explanation part. I also am thinking nude eyes, contoured face and lips. I don’t know which to do yet. I need some inspiration!!!

        • http://workingbeauty.com/ Aldona @WorkingBeauty

          It works! It works… I am still checking out the sidebar. Although the comments do appear in the sidebar, it just takes a while… so I am trying something else… And as for the nude look, yeah, I mean, I am your make-up head-doll! Use me :-)

          • http://maquillageobscura.blogspot.com/ Olivia

            You can also feature a comment like I did you on the Bond Girl post. I think there is a recent comments thing too or some kind of thing that tells you who comments the most. Pretty nifty when it works but shitty when it doesn’t!

  • http://workingbeauty.com/ Aldona @WorkingBeauty

    This is just a test, because we got a new comment platform on working beauty. yayyy

  • Barbevil

    That´s so cool, I just saw Lucy on Monday and thought this would be just the film for you, Dona! But of course you´ve seen it! So I can just recommend it to everyone else. A word of warning: DON´T see it if you have any kind of surgery coming up…
    I lost sight of Working Beauty for a while during my holidays and before, and now realize there´s so much to catch up with… that awesome!!

  • http://workingbeauty.com/ Aldona @WorkingBeauty

    Welcome back my dear!… Hope you enjoy the changes and catching up with the story!!! Have fun !

  • Barbevil

    Hi again. d´ya like my pic? Hm, in this small view it looks like I have vampire teeth, too… About inspiration: I find a lot of inspiration in things that go wrong. As in: mistakes I make. Like pictures I draw that turn out totally boring. Makes me wonder why, and what I could do to make them better. And then usually the second try is much better. Okay… sometimes not. But never give up too fast!

    • http://workingbeauty.com/ Aldona @WorkingBeauty

      I think mistakes are great… as long as it is not a drive for perfectionism, they can be a source for inspiration… But maybe also to find beauty in mistakes or flaws… Oh I love your picture!!! I don’t see the vampire teeth, just a wicked smirk… and I love the horns! A barbevil indeed!

  • http://workingbeauty.com/ Aldona @WorkingBeauty

    I love your picture here too! Great atmosphere… and … is that an empty wineglass? I hope you just ordered a refill!

    • Barbevil

      I´m sure I ordered lots of refills! That picture was taken on a rather horrid assignment in a one-eyed place (which at least had this nice restaurant in it). I rather like that photo, too; it was taken by another interpreter who is also a talented photographer…

      • http://workingbeauty.com/ Aldona @WorkingBeauty

        what’s a one-eyed place? … btw: I soon have to think about some fun stories for the interpreter-cartoons…

        • Barbevil

          Oh yeah, and remember I´m here for advice (good or bad, as the case may be)! Btw a one-eyed place means a small, boring place.

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