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Let’s talk about Boob Envy!

August 26th, 2014

boobies2What’s with all the cleavage?

Someone once said that I draw nice cleavage… And I often ask myself why?! And by all means maybe I have to face the Freudian truth:

Do I have Boob Envy?

What do you think? And now, slow, don’t judge! It is perfectly fine for men to have penis envy (according to Sigmund Freud) but why shouldn’t it be fine for a woman to have boob envy? And the nerve… to talk about it!?

I used to like the band “Army of Lovers”. Because of the Boobs! I couldn’t get enough of them! And now as I grow older and wiser, and realise that my breasts won’t grow anymore, I notice I feel slightly envious of women with bigger breasticles! I mean, c’mon, I hate Monica Bellucci! I despise Sofia Vergara! Oh my, I tell you, if I had the funds… I swear!

No but joking aside. I do try to channel my psychological traumas into my artistic work, and that also results in… cleavage on display! I just love to hate, and hate to love cleavage! And am I allowed to say that as a woman? I often feel repressed about that, and I thought, why not just let it out!… Yes I have Boob Envy! My name is Aldona and I got Boob Envy! What a relief!?

What is it that you are envious of in other people?

Tell me about it! Really curious!

This is not a feminist statement by the way! Just a human notion, thank you!


  • João Teixeira

    Most famous “boob envy”: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/517139969683064277/
    Cheers, João

    • http://workingbeauty.com/ Aldona @WorkingBeauty

      Lol! So true! Exactly what I would do!

  • http://maquillageobscura.blogspot.com/ Olivia

    Wow Aldona,

    Major boob envy here! Nice! I might have to use my Glazing Gels on my boobs for a boost! What do I envy? Height. I wouldn’t mind just to slightly taller.

    • http://workingbeauty.com/ Aldona @WorkingBeauty

      Yeah, I remember the “Army of Lover” girls had obvious blush/bronzer shading around their cleavage! I did it with photoshop, and a lot of squeezing and still trying to make the “sexy” face! Oh modelling is such hard work! (not that I would know… ) As for height, think of the fact that a lot of famous people are pint-sized! Think Napoleon!… And take over the world!

      • http://maquillageobscura.blogspot.com/ Olivia

        Ha, but Napoleon was exiled! But he did like boobs!

        • http://workingbeauty.com/ Aldona @WorkingBeauty

          Exiled… or not… he made history! :-)

  • http://ifmakeupcouldtalk.com/ ifmakeupcouldtalk

    I am most envious of someone who speaks their mind in an intelligent and eloquent manner. I’m no fool, but boy oh boy, would I like to have a silver tongue like Harvey Spector from the show “Suits.”
    You did a fantastic job with your contouring and look HOT!

    • http://workingbeauty.com/ Aldona @WorkingBeauty

      Thanks so much Maria!… And I can so relate… Intelligence and eloquence… yes!!! I am also envious of really funny people, like comedians! In my head I sometimes wished I could do stand-up comedy :-) Like be really quick with jokes… oh well anyway, I stick to my guns (or crayons) and keep on drawing… And as for the contour. Especially around the eyes, I used the Olivia-Method of contouring! Isn’t she great!!! I love her blog!

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