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Creating Ivanka and Meaning

November 4th, 2014

jerryhalldayAfter 5 Season’s of Corporate Working Beauty it was time for a break. It’s not that I am tired of Sarah, Claire or Isobel… I just wanted to try something different. Create something new. And the idea woke in me to create an interpreter!

Actually the idea came to me in an exchange with a good friend of mine who in fact is an interpreter, she often writes to me bits and pieces about her experiences. But then I wanted to know more and she wrote this hilarious mail about the “interpreter booth” and how it looks like an aquarium etc… It all sounded brilliantly hilarious and I had to make a story out of it!

So this is it. With many thanks to Barbara Hegels, this comic started its first steps. And so the next weeks you will be able to read all about Ivanka the Interpreter. Ivanka is by no means similar to my friend, I think… Nor is this story a documentary. However Barbara helps me to ground this story in reality and acts as the trusted creative consultant! I am very grateful for that!

And the reason this story has a earned a place on this page is that it is a story about a professional woman in a profession that has not yet been explored at Working Beauty. A story about managing the daily madness, a story about management bullshit. A story about deformation professionelle and many other things that Working Beauty is about!

So I invite you all to dive into that tale of meaning, translation and interpretation…


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