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Artist Corner: What’s Business?

September 3rd, 2013

fb8As an artist I sometimes feel a bit different… I feel a bit different in general,… but because I’m an artist I feel even differenter (I just made that up). My main target is for readers to enjoy my art and my work, but I have a real difficulty to put a price on it… I often just want to give everything away for free. It’s an like an urge… and this website is a testament of that!

In a way my aim is to use a business model where everyone can enjoy the art, yet also be able to pay (if they want to). And I would be very grateful, if you appreciate the art AND have the means, please do contribute as it keeps me going and helps me finance my “life-passion”. I know that this is not the common business model of the world, but currently I am able to do that and offer you my work for … basically free.

People say, artists only become valuable when they’re dead… Well… I am happy to be cheap then. And so everyone can continue reading Working Beauty online for free, but I will soon offer downloadable ebooks with exclusive content to buy as well. That being said, one ebook coming out soon is … yes TOSAOM, there will be two verisons available, one is for free (or a donation of your choice) and a higher quality print version from 6.39 USD! and here’s some more artwork from that, for you to enjoy. (should I make any TOSAOM t-shirts? anyone interested?)



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