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promotitleAs the new Season of Working Beauty is approaching and I told somebody about it, she asked me what my process was.

How am I creating the story?

I thought that’s a good opportunity for reflection because despite the fact that a some of the story just evolves, there is a certain amount of planning that does happen! The best answer I could come up with was “my process is kinda layered” (that’s just me being mysterious)… But, well it is, and I often don’t know the details that will come up, but my story needs a backbone and I try to come up with that pretty early on as it gives me a focus. Now I won’t reveal what that is going to be in Season 4, but I can say that we are going to have some funny (and somewhat sexy) expats visiting the corporation… They will challenge and question our heroines and stir up all sorts of things… And hopefully take everyone on a reflective journey.

I also have a couple of minor story-lines which I want to explore in the next Season (Beware: minor spoilers ahead)


  • – Prof. Betty Pattson is now in prison after her despicable crimes and her daughter Isobel will visit her at some point
  • – Isobel, as we know, came out of the closet (not literally). Now I’d really like her to find a nice girlfriend (as she is still single)
  • – Oh and I promised an episode which is using the 27 old-fashioned words that should see a revival (see here)!

Now those are examples where I already know I have to bring them into the next Season. However those smaller ideas need to also be part of the bigger story-arc. So yeah, it’s layered, like a lovely chocolate truffle cake without calories… And yet I hope it will have more mysterious twists and surprising turns than a South American telenovela!

Hasta Luego


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